A parenthesis of confidences in complete privacy. Actress Valérie Karsenti was invited by Frédéric Lopez to come and spend A Sunday in the countryside, this June 25, 2023 on France 2. The opportunity for the fifty-year-old to say more about her life as an actress with the host and guests, Mathieu Madénian and author Mélissa Da Costa.

A popular face on the small screen, Valérie Karsenti played the bubbly Liliane in 2009 in Household Scenes on M6. A flagship role for the partner of Frédéric Bouraly (José) who has conquered millions of followers in front of their screen. Driven by this success, the actress nevertheless went through more complicated times in her career.

Former trainee of the Florent course and resident of the National School of Theater Arts and Techniques, Valérie Karsenti landed her first roles on television and in the theater between the 80s and 90s. Thinking of seeing her career take off in Paris, the artist chains the disappointments. “There will be a time when all of a sudden, there is a piece that was supposed to be done, which is not done, a shoot that is postponed and I find myself at a standstill”, she recalls. facing the facilitator. “Where you don’t have a job, where you’re in financial shit. Well, everything that I hadn’t experienced yet”.

For the wife of actor François Feroleto, this slump plunges her into her traumas. “The fact of being arrested, everything goes up, all the anxieties go up. Everything that I had managed to put under the rug goes up, the anxiety of living… All that goes up, very strong”, affirms the one who lived a terrible depression and developed a kind of “social phobia” at the age of 24.

In the video excerpt above, Valérie Karsenti cites as an example a moving memory of her crossing of the desert. “One day, I get out of the metro and I’ve done everything, and I go into a pharmacy to ask for help. I didn’t know who to contact” adding. “I was in such a fragile state. And the pharmacist already calms me down, gives me a glass of water. And says, ‘Listen, there’s a medical center right there.’ And I go back to the medical center and I explain what is happening to me. It was a panic attack. So she had the doctors’ schedule and she said to me: “Saturday morning, you have an appointment with a psychotherapist”.

Thanks to her, the actress takes her life back in hand. “And then I started something that actually saved me. All of a sudden I was able to settle down and sort out things that were actually stopping me from doing anything. I was so lost that I couldn’t manage on my own.” Valérie Karsenti also returned to her mother’s where she was able to reconnect with her childhood memories in family archives. “I saw myself and that reassured me because I recognized myself”.

A poignant speech that touched the fans of the actress on social networks. “I really like Valérie Karsenti, great actress”, “I really like her, she makes me laugh to tears, I’m happy to know a little more about her in this superb show”, “Another wonderful show! Thank you for this happy Sunday break that closes the weekend with finesse and emotions! Thank you all!”, Can we read in the comments on Instagram. After this final broadcast before the summer break, the Sunday meeting proposed by Frédéric Lopez brought together 1.03 million viewers, according to figures from Médiamétrie.