I can’t started yesterday, not in the Koppenbergcross. The world champion had to suffer so much from its shifted, seen, suffered after a crash in Asper-Gavere. “The injury has had more of an impact than we have at the moment decided to do,” says her trainer, was chosen to represent The Beam.

in any case If the Koppenbergcross is not a good match. They could never win, and it was within the last three years, not even on the podium. “In these circumstances, she had no chance of winning the title. In addition, we lost a day in the healing process. Today’s training behind the scooter is planned. If the digest is a good chance that they have Sunday Yet to start,” said Cone.
More over I can’t I can’t won’t start in the Rain, and it is uncertain, for as Yet World I can’t understand why they are on Sunday in Gavere until the 14th, it was the Belgian selection for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS cyclo-cross in Italy and is well-known that it can count on for one more Year, and Iserbyt, If it should be Orange to hold off the European champion, anne-marie and Sausages dominated Wereldbekercross in Bern, switzerland, I can’t set to disappoint