Worldwide, up to 50 Boeing 737 NG aircraft on the ground, as during a general inspection, structural cracks were discovered. That is, the U.s. aircraft on Thursday to be recognized. The Australian airline, Qantas, had on Thursday announced that the Boeing 737 NG to be to have been due to a structural crack, and 32 other pieces of equipment to an emergency squad.

now, American aviation authority the FAA has ordered earlier this month for the inspection of Boeing 737 NG aircraft, which is more than than 30,000 times, did as well. That was after Boeing had reported that the so-called “pickle-fork”, that is, the wing, the fuselage, connecting the device to rupture. Qantas said on Thursday, however, that the device is less than 27,000 to flee on his counter was.

A spokesman for Boeing, told on Thursday that, at this moment, worldwide, about 1,000 of the devices have been inspected. He added that less than 5 percent of these, about 50 aircraft, observations have been made that are necessary to make the aircraft out of service to get them to repair it.

the problem with The Boeing 737 NG, in addition to that, the 737 MAX. A year ago, crashed in Indonesia, a 737 MAX aircraft, and in march of the same types of aircraft in Ethiopia. In total, taking 346 people in your life. The two aircraft accidents are most likely to be the result of a system that, with the nose pointing down continued to press, because a sensor is not working properly. Boeing would have been aware of the technical issue.

the Belgian airline TUI fly, which has in its fleet as well as 737 NG aircraft, you will need to have no aircraft on the ground at all times. “Boeing has a couple of weeks ago and all the airlines were informed of the break. It’s going to don’t have to have all of the equipment, but to appliances that are up to a certain date were to be built. In our fleet went up to two devices. That have been audited, and there was no problem at all fixed,” says spokesman Pete Demeyere. The same is true for the whole GARDEN: there was not a single 737 NG aircraft, from the group of cracks have been discovered. The four of Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft from Tui fly, in the netherlands, as in all devices of that type worldwide, but still on the ground.

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