There is also a large political majority is in the works for a favorable SOCIAL security rate on wages and salaries for professional athletes to deal with it. Following the CD&V and SP.A is now the Open VLD, there is a bill at the ready, especially in football, the target is. That is reported by The News on Saturday.

if The momentum is there to judge a number of companies, the SOCIAL security benefit from the professional sportsmen and the way to work. Now we have a profsporter 885 euros a month in social security payments, even though he was a football player, with a annual salary of more than € 1 million.

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“In the immediate aftermath of the fraudeschandaal around in the real estate agents, the soccer ball itself is an opportunity to do something about it. However, there has been nothing done,” says Egbert Lachaert (Open VLD). He has a very radical proposal is ready. Apart from the substantial increase in the present allowances, would be the clubs a 10 per cent social security contribution must be paid to the huge transfer fees.

finally, the CD&V wants to be the first to loonschijf a 15 per cent social security contributions to be lifted, as well as additional solidarity contributions. That would gradually increase up to 5 percent, depending on income. In the SP.A George and He for the gunsttarrief all the way down to watch it. Vlaams belang is also working on a proposal, but be prepared for a counter proposal, to support in line with their plans.

The proposals will, in the short term, are dealt with by the Kamercommissies of Finance and of Social Affairs. The expectation is that there will be a discussion about full stops and commas, but a majority will be found, even in the absence of a federal system of government. Lachaert, belgium is aiming for the start of the next football season.