After understanding the GPU market and the two types of GPU miners, should miners choose a custom miner or a GPU miner? For example, choose ATI GPU or NVIDIA GPU? The decision can be made from the following aspects.

  1. Static investment payback period.

The investment payback period is the most critical indicator for choosing a miner. The investment payback period of the miner can be calculated according to the static daily output, power consumption, electricity bill, miner cost, and operation and maintenance costs of the miner. The shorter the static investment payback period, the better. The static investment payback period is affected by currency prices, the difficulty of the entire network, and network congestion.

  1. Miner residual value.

GPU miners have a high residual value,  which is a safety mat and an essential part of income for miners. This is a crucial consideration for GPU mining. Suppose the fund return cycle is the same. In that case, the residual value of the traditional GPU miner is higher than that of the customized miner with castration function, and the traditional GPU miner is given priority. When the fund return cycle is the same for comparing traditional GPUs, try to choose a GPU with high general performance and a closer release time. This type of GPU has a higher residual value.


  1. Video memory capacity.

When choosing a miner, pay special attention to the size of the video memory, especially the second-hand GPU miner. During the ETH mining process, a DAG file called a directed acyclic graph would be generated. The mining process will always call and update this file, increasing at a rate of about 520M per year. At the end of this year, the file size will exceed 4G. If the GPU storage space is 4G, the miner will not be able to mine, so the miner with the video memory size of 4G cannot be selected. Therefore, it is best to choose a miner with a memory size of 6G or above. Also, note that some miners are marked as 5G, and the actual available space is only about 4.5G. This not only affects the mining life of the miner, but may even cause frequent miner failures.

  1. Summary.

At present, it is a perfect time node for the layout of ETH mining. How to choose the miner scientifically is an essential part. This will affect the recovery cycle of mining funds and investment income to a large extent. Choose the GPU miner mainly through the following aspects.

1) Look at the investment payback cycle.

GPU mining electricity costs are relatively low and have a high safety margin. Therefore, when choosing a miner, first consider the return cycle, and select the GPU miner with a short return cycle.

2) Choose a miner based on the operation and maintenance capabilities of the mining farm and the hosting power price.

Miners may consider choosing customized miners or assembled miners based on the operation and maintenance capabilities of the mining farm and the hosting power price. Thus, miners can trust mining matters such as selecting miners and mining farms to the mining farms, and enjoy the profits by themselves.

3) The residual value of the miner is an essential part of the profit and a safety mat.

If there are a slight difference in the investment payback cycle and sufficient operation and maintenance capabilities, select the traditional GPU miner with a higher residual value.

4) Pay attention to the video memory of the miner.

Priority is given to miners with a video memory size of 6G or above.