To do the housework. This task is sometimes appreciated by some people, but very often, it is a moment that we dread. Washing the sheets, vacuuming then mopping, disinfecting the toilets… This requires and takes time, energy, and given the soaring prices, household and maintenance products are unfortunately not exempt. In addition, each product is dedicated to a particular task: a product suitable for windows, another for the sink, another for the floor… And it’s not over, since each of them deserves to have an assigned place. Endless work.

It is quite possible to replace all of your household products with just four natural and inexpensive products. These are baking soda, white vinegar, black soap and Marseille soap. Together, they allow you to clean the windows, do the laundry, wash the floor or even restore the shine to your cutlery. Here are the different uses allowed by these miraculous products:

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