Last summer saw the adoption of the law of August 16, 2022 on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power. This text provided, among other things, for an upward adjustment of basic retirement and disability pensions. The increase was 4%, and came into effect retroactively on July 1. The increase was therefore felt concretely in September, when the pensions due for the month of August were paid, according to the public service website.

In addition to this exceptional revaluation made necessary by galloping inflation, the revaluation of basic retirement pensions according to the inflation rate is made annually, on 1 January. A new rise is therefore firmly expected for the new year. And for good reason: Bruno Lemaire, Minister of the Economy, had already dangled it last July, as reported by our colleagues from Pleine Vie.

The revaluation of January 1 will be immediately effective, and will therefore be reflected in the bank accounts of retirees from the month of February, upon arrival of the payment of the pension due for the month of January. As for the height of the revaluation, we can only base ourselves for the moment on a reading dating from September of the text of the Social Security financing bill for 2023 by the daily newspaper Les Echos.

According to our colleagues, the increase would therefore be expected at only 0.8%. At issue: the early reassessments of these pensions having already taken place this year: last August, as mentioned above, as well as in January. Based on the inflation rate observed between November 2021 and October 2022, this figure is awaiting official confirmation by the executive. The beneficiaries will be fixed on February 9 at the latest, the date of payment of the January pensions.