In life is you don’t get very far, says Nina Knezevic and myself have to laugh about it. Exactly 600 meters, from the Markus hospital, in Frankfurt, was born, to the Salon “exactly” at the Ginnheimer highway. There, she had already done her apprenticeship as a hairdresser and always seem to want to stay. Apart from that, agreed to the sentence, of course, nothing. That gets you this Saturday, in writing, if the chamber of crafts Frankfurt distributed in the St. Paul’s Church, the documents of 276 young master. One of them, Nina Knezevic, hereby certify that, she continues to be a champion of your Hair part.

Anna-Lena Niemann


F. A. Z.

your brother, she will have at the Celebration. He would not have been, you would not have made the master, well, she says. Without the title its own Load and self-employment is not possible. As in almost half the trades of the master’s duty also applies to hairdressers.

the Plan

been to A Shop was never her Plan, she says. So what is the high cost of the master certificate of lift? 3.500 Euro cost, of course, again 500 euros, were used for doll heads, which you should practice. That you have logged in at some point, nevertheless, to the course, thanks to you Anke, in addition to the persistence of her brother, a combination of state funding and loans, and the Meister-Bafög she could bear the high costs.

for Eleven months, the 35-year-old hairdresser took on the teaching bench. Four days a week, Knezevic went to work in the Salon, not home, but in the evening school. Learn to ten o’clock in the evening. The class times had been for a night people like you, no Problem. Nevertheless, “the year was exhausting,” she says. Tests had to you are last in the vocational school as an apprentice, which is nine years ago. That she forgets the learning material, between a full time job and night school just prior to that, she had a great fear – unjustified, as you know today. Between the Wash, Cut and Blow-dry from asked your colleague, you reliable. With their customers, many of whom are students, exchanged views on learning strategies.

Simply not the right thing

Almost you would not be landed but even in the profession that you actually wanted to make. Already as a Teenager, she doctored all of your friends. As it is important to plan a career, she decides, and begins training as a physician assistant. Six months, then she quits. The certainty that this is not just the right thing to do, it was too big.

you Ask them why they had not followed their actual desire the same, she puts the head in the nape of the neck and considered. Many studies have in your family, she says, finally, and in your environment of people who wanted to talk her out of the Barber profession found enough. All day, work hard and in the end, poorly paid. Medical assistant is a respected profession, and that she was just young and the well-intentioned voices of influence. You are not allowed to train from now on, even young people, who consciously make a decision for your craft, be happy you even more. “The craft you do not need to with heart, otherwise it comes to retirement,” says Knezevic. They arrived, after long detours.