In the sociological literature apply to fire brigades as particularly resistant to change. This may be due to the fact that your job, to fight fire and save people, little has changed. Similar constant the confidence in your firefighters. The German team gave it to the fire brigade Olympics in 2017 in Villach with seven gold medals in the disciplines of “fire fighting (wet) and obstacle relay race”. So, would it be reasonable to trust completely resistant?

no way, says Ilona Horwath, the holder of the professorship of technology and diversity at the University of Paderborn. She directs the just-launched and by the Federal Ministry of science funded project Fortesy, wants to investigate new approaches to efficiency and safety in the fire Department. Who would think that the new fire trucks or better respirators, is wrong. The Evil of the German fire brigade being a “White, heterosexual men from the working class constitute the majority and dominate the image of the typical firefighter,” complained Horwath. Your University is not in the press release to the remark that “women and migrants” represents the fire Department only, but often even “undesirable”.