in The united states air force, video footage is released of the attacks on Qanus Island, the largest island in Iraq, which has been co-opted by ISIS. A total of 36 tonnes to the pavement of explosives were dropped on the island. It is the goal of many shelters on the island and destroy it.

Among the F-15 and F-35 fighter jets by the air force to be deployed to the island, about fifty miles south of Mosul, on. It was the colonel Myles Caggins, a spokesman of the American army, and that the movie was coming out on Twitter. “This is what happens when you take the F-15 and F-35 fighter jets to 36,000 pounds of bombs to drop on top of an island is affected by Daesh”, he added.

The video is most impressive: much of the island’s light, even through the air raids. “In this way, we would like Daesh the chance to take away in order to hide in Qanus Island, says in a statement. Despite the fact that the terrorist organization has, in 2017, reports, it was declared to be in Iraq, trying, ISIS, or even a guerrilla approach to success in both Iraq and Syria. A report to the United Nations last month, it was indicated that the group is still out of approximately 30,000 fighters out of existence.

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Shocking images show how the drone air strike targeting ISIS fighters in order of execution to stop:

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