Damaged corals, discarded cigarette butts, forgotten packaging: after the arrival of tourists, comes the time to pick up the broken pots left on the beach… Or rather, the rubbish. Faced with the upsurge in tourists in summer, the public authorities had no choice but to limit tourist attendance at certain places popular with the French for their holidays. “We understand this measure, it’s a protected place and there were probably too many people and waste” say Thomas, Adrien, Dimitri and Yoann, tourists who came from Franche-Comté for the weekend at the Calanque de Sugiton in Marseilles, at the Parisian.

Thus, various municipalities have decided to establish attendance quotas at natural sites whose overcrowding had deteriorated the place . “If we don’t put a few safeguards, the environmental framework will deteriorate and we will be forced to take drastic measures” explains Guy Armanet, president of the Corsican environment office for Le Figaro.

This can generate dissatisfaction among some users. This is particularly the case of Alba: “I am disappointed, we came specially and we did not know that we had to register”, she admits to Parisian, about the creeks of Marseille, whose reservation is now compulsory. “We are going to look for another creek where access is free”, she regrets. It will now be necessary to plan the reservation, several days in advance to be able to hope to access the desired places. Here are the different sites that you will need to book for your summer vacation.

A setting of wild nature between Marseille and Cassis, the Calanques of Marseilles, small creeks and water points along the coast of Bouches-du-Rhône for several kilometers are now restricted to the public. To visit it, you will need to book on the Calanques de Marseille national park website. “We had received a notification via the Mes Calanques application and the radio had talked about it too. We booked Thursday without any problem, ”explain Thomas, Adrien, Dimitri and Yoann, tourists from Franche-Comté for the weekend, according to the Parisian.

“We are entering into a virtuous management of our sites”, affirms Guy Armanet, president of the office of the environment of Corsica, in Figaro. These sites were mostly in bad shape. The Lavezzi Islands, a small archipelago and the southernmost point of France, were in very poor condition before. This was also the case for the Aiguilles de Bavella and the Restonica Valley, two highly touristic Corsican places. So, from now on, you will have to book, to ensure a dream vacation, but also to preserve the environment of these places.