New Album of Lady Gaga – The mood of deep overwound nThe world is Fun, in spite of the pandemic, and the Album “Chromatica” by Lady Gaga: offers ecstasy for the home insulation Dancefloor.Jan Kedves0 KommentareAuf the planet Chromatica: Stefani Germanotta alias Lady Gaga.Photo: Norbert Schoerner

scale up, scale down: The chromaticism knows only one direction. Either you go half step to half step to the basement, or in half-tone steps in the height, the connecting musically, generally, Yes, with ease, joy, and airiness.

Well, which is shown somewhat simplified, but in Pop you like simplifications. The chromaticism seems to unfold in any case, in the vacuum of space, their effect, such as Stefani Germanotta alias Lady Gaga on her journey to the planet of Chromatica has found. The is, as she says, their new home. Of the earth she has renounced. “Chromatica” is the title of your new Album.

A Song about anti-psychotic pills

On Chromatica, the force of gravity is not as strong as on earth – you see, if Lady Gaga in the music video as a pink-haired, by the late HR Giger-designed Alien Barbarella by dust dances. But also on Chromatica it goes up and down, soaring Downer follows. At least you can deal with his mood swings open, there is on Chromatica no Stigma.

So Lady Gaga in the Song “911 sings” on your anti-psychotic pills. Pills, what to the mood high, if the head and emotions are tumbling into the basement. “Pop a 911, then pop another one”, she sings. The brave and the language refined – the Verb “to pop” can mean to interject in English, also””. There was once such a proud pop song on the Taking of psychotropic drugs? “911” fits very well on this Album, which is basically a Manifesto of vulnerability and self-assertion taken. Or the testimony of the will to Survive of a pop star, is familiar with both euphoria and Depression.

“Chromatica” has appeared after seven weeks of shift now, originally, the Album for the 10. April announced. The end of February coupled first Single, “Stupid Love”, a wonderful shredder of the electro-pop Hit, went to # 5 in the Billboard Charts. Place 1 was in Hungary, Scotland and El Salvador. Exactly what you wish for as a global pop star, if you are after a good three and a half years of Studio break, and after an Oscar-nominated trip to the movies (“A Star Is Born”) have a new Album ready and a strong opening needs.

But then, in March, came the Sars-CoV-2 Virus, it will crack the Pop industry, if not into Chaos, but in a panic, and helplessness. The planned “Chromatica”Tour has been canceled, Lady Gaga’s Festival appearances burst, and her self seemed to ask the question, whether an Album full of synthetic plastic Dancefloor-hit in the Corona-time is not out of place could act.

It feels to me just right to release this Album in the midst of the global pandemic into it.”

Lady Gaga

at the end of March, you stated: “Even if I believe that art is in times like these, one of the strongest means to donate to joy and healing, so it feels to me just right to release this Album in the midst of the global pandemic into it.” Two months later, the pandemic is not over yet – but the mood seems to deep to be overcome. Maybe because it just went lower? The world wants Fun, and she needs him.

“Chromatica” offers a lot of Fun, especially sound-wise and visually, with this nineties-Party-House Beats, with bright colors, with wigs and Space-Age costumes. You have to smile: in mid-April, as Lady Gaga on the occasion of the Corona-crisis-curated the Live Stream Popspektakel “One World: Together At Home”, with the Rolling Stones, with Elton John and Celine Dion, she sat down with horn-rimmed glasses, a black turtleneck sweater, Business suit jacket, and slicked up in front of the Webcam. A Wallstreet-grade Look of absolute seriousness. Also the is a result of the Virus: that pop stars dare to look as you are at the stage because you might find it may be serious.

“Chromatica” ended, but this Phase – with a flirtatious wink of the Lollipop truthfulness, for example. In “Sour Candy”, a collaboration with the mega-successful Korean girl group, black, pink, from sings to you from the beautiful life as a süsssaures candy: wrap me up, suck me! In “Fun Tonight” it goes to the nervous Twitching of Disco-Laser-Sounds in a dark hour: “I feel like I’m in a prison hell / Stick my hands through the steel bars and yell / What happens now? I’m not okay”. The music makes a good mood.

the second Single off the album, “Rain On Me”, a duet with Ariana Grande,, is a triumph of optimism. In the accompanying Video, both singers dance in the inside, inspired by the figure of Psylocke from the X-Men universe of Marvel as a super hero inside a dystopian Storm. It’s raining daggers! A Lady Gaga needs to pull itself out of the leg. Ouch, that hurts!

The Song: Gorgeous! One could perhaps criticize is that the Creator of the bass line, on which he builds, is not to be mentioned in the Credits. The Soul and Disco singer Gwen McCrae would have published in 1979, their Song “All This Love That I’m Givin'” and the Paris-based production Duo Cassius would not have been sampled in 1999, the bass line of the song in the French-House Hit “Feeling For You” and the Filter is being chased, then Rain On Me would have had “” now is not the iconic Bassline. It could be a dispute about the rights of the author? Or no Copyright applies to Chromatica?

brought about tumbled ecstasy is better than no ecstasy

The rest of the Songs, foams well in the ear, and if it is missing some of the choruses on memo rabilität, then the drum drums eddy. They are set strategically before the next Use of the chorus – the unsubtile a means of mood enhancement, almost to the last percussive Trick to explode the mood in the sky. Drum roll as they are from the Rave and big-room club music of the nineties is well known. Lady Gaga seems to be of the opinion that to drastically induce tumbled ecstasy is still better than no ecstasy – and that this also works on the home-insulation-Dancefloor.

Elton John the also. He is singing “Sine From Above”, a duet in which the two Stars summon the healing, creative power of the sine wave, so the music. Before it is too esoteric, los thunder at the end of Drum’n’Bass Beats, to singing as a percussive equivalent of the storm of Lady Gaga at the beginning of the song that you’ve longed for in Asked always cause – at the time when she was a young, a devout Roman Catholic and still no driver with a private star.

Lady Gaga: “Chromatica” (Universal)

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