Those who are lucky enough to have a dishwasher know it: the machine is very practical on a daily basis and saves you a lot of chores.

In 2017, around 61.5% of French households were equipped with a dishwasher, and 1.5 million were sold per year, according to statista.

It is the 40-59 year olds who seem the most keen on its use; almost 68% of them owned one, compared to 29% of 16-24 year olds.

But sometimes, this household appliance cannot contain everything you would like to put in it. There are, for example, objects that should not be washed in this way, at the risk of damaging them permanently. Finally, regardless of its size, the capacity of a dishwasher is often limited, and it is sometimes necessary to redouble our ingenuity to fit all our dishes and utensils. A real tetris game…

To make the most of your space, you should first of all store the objects properly inside your dishwasher.

In the bottom bin, store the dirtiest and most imposing utensils and dishes.

Place hollow objects upside down to prevent water from stagnating inside. Finally, cutlery should be placed point down.

You can also fold down the pins to store large dishes, says Maison

Also, do not hesitate to place similar objects in the same corner; you’ll save time putting them away.

Finally, do not pack your utensils and containers too tightly, and do not pile them on top of each other! They might not clean properly.

Instead, discover in our slideshow how to save space in your dishwasher with these 6 little-known tips, according to Maison