The investigation into the 39 found the bodies in a refrigerated container in Essex is running a lot. For example, the circumstances in which this could be done, it gradually became clear. A lot of things are still a question mark, but we know this already.

The police forces of Essex, confirms that the victims are all Chinese in it. It is, according to the police, may need to be 39 adults and one of them was a young woman. Previously been reported to the police that the teenager went off. The fatalities include 8 women and 31 men). The Chinese ministry of Foreign affairs, according to Chinese state television, confirmed that the Chinese are going to.

for The people who would be more than twelve hours, or more than fifteen hours, in the fridge unit-have been before they were found. The passenger would be all the way from China to the uk are smuggled. They should be in the fridge unit have been frozen to death. The police department tracks, or, in Northern Ireland gangs of them at work, and wanted to put it in nail salons, brothels, massage parlors, and restaurants.

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It is essential to find out what is the path of the conscious, the container had made. The initial results have shown that the container on Tuesday at 14.49 hours on in Zeebrugge, belgium , arriving . That he was in the us, the country passed through showed not only the city of Bruges, lord mayor, Dirk De fauw, the federal public prosecutor’s office and the terminalbedrijf BUSINESS of the Ports. In the course of the afternoon, and left the container in the port, and finally at 1 a.m. Wednesday morning to come by in Purfleet.

as for The trigger, which is the refrigerated container a month, on Sunday, via Dublin, Holyhead (Wales), arrived. The vehicle went off Wednesday at about 1.30 pm (Belgian time) of the semi-trailer to retrieve them, and departed from the port of Purfleet, shortly after 2.05 hours. The police, by the ambulance service just before 2.40 pm a call saying that there were 39 bodies in a truck, were found.

Once the container is in the port, it was dropped, is scheduled to leave Wednesday night, shortly after 1 pm, the tractor and the trailer. Thirty minutes later, the body of the container is detected at the industrial estate, Waterglade in Gray, and the police are notified.

the Tractor and semi-trailer Wednesday night, with their macabre cargo to a secure location within the port of Tilbury transfer. On Thursday, it is the identification of the bodies started to . Though it is known that among them, one is a teenager.

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The victims were they ventig minutes in the United Kingdom have been before they were found. In the refrigerated van to minus 25 degrees Celsius, have been up to.

a truck has been registered in Bulgaria . Of this, the British media, with the authority of the spokesman of the Bulgarian ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday has been reported. The truck is registered in Varna, as well as the name of the company that is the owner of an Irish woman. Shortly after its registration in June of 2017 – he left the truck in Bulgaria, and there it is, he has not been there.

And the driver was a 25-year-old man in the North of Ireland, county of Armagh. A friend told the Daily Mail that it was the driver who called the emergency services after the discovery. He was arrested on suspicion of murder. There are three properties in County Armagh, in connection with the investigation searched for.

in the Meantime, the international manhunt for the gang of human traffickers , who is responsible for it. According to the Daily Mail, people Ireland, in a case of smuggling, that ties to the Bulgarian city of Varna.

The British police (particularly in the case of the National Crime Agency, alias, NCA), the government had three years ago, warned of the risk of trafficking of human beings, in the port of Purfleet, reports the newspaper the Daily Mail. The police reported that the smokkelbendes, their attention had shifted to the less congested British ports than in the centre. Purfleet were specifically mentioned, according to the newspaper. In may, the NCA also warned that the Belgian ports, such as Zeebrugge, belgium, to an increasing degree of “hot spots” for smuggling of human beings to be. Previously, it had been with the border patrol reported that Zeebrugge is a cause for concern, it is, ” wrote the newspaper.

There are lots of questions.

now, Though, there are still a lot of questions. Where and when are the people in the container are to be placed: , for example). According to the chief executive officer of the port of Zeebrugge Joachim Coens, it is unlikely that they will be in Bruges, is still in the container to be withdrawn. “A refrigerated container is completely closed and sealed to. When the check is that the seal next to the license plate and the driver can be monitored with cameras,” said Coens Wednesday evening in the Matter.

if they death by hypothermia or death , due to lack of oxygen, it is not yet clear. Just such as the 25-year-old truck drivers, from the Northern Irish city, Laurelvale, whether or not I knew what was going on in the freezer. Whether or not the driver was in the ambulance called, it is also not clear. Not sure if he will or not, for their own account, drove. May be he rented the truck.

to clarify the situation, the British police, in the meantime, the truck drivers examined.
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