Corona crisis in the United States – The re-election is shaping Trumps Corona-PolitikUS-President Donald Trump takes on for the revival of the economy, an increase in the number of the dead in the time of purchase. Especially the little people pay the high price. What is it choice interested: his back.Martin Kilian, Washington78 Kommentare78Donald Trump holds, according to the web portal Axios, the number of the Corona of the dead is too high. Photo: Alex Brandon/Keystone

The Americans, demanded that Donald Trump should understand “as a warrior” in the defense of the Coronavirus. In war, there are of course losses, especially when incompetence is paired with reckless and hasty successes focused strategies. Because the presidential election is approaching and the incumbent on a robust recovery in the economy, is now relaxed anywhere in the country.

warn The experts, can it go to fast. Because the infection numbers are increasing in many States. The fall in Rates are excluded in New York, New Orleans and Detroit, it’s not very good at the Front. However, this has not prevented the Washington government, together with some governors from making a quick return to normality is the goal. New guidelines from the CDC for the easing of economic went to the White house too far, because they required conditions and restrictions. On the orders from above, they should be diluted.

The war against the Virus, it seems, is not led with the Throwdowns and air guns, to worsen the health of most patients, the economy, Yes. You have to hold the President’s credit, he has no illusions. It was “quite conceivable” that the revival of the economy will increase the number of the dead more. But more than 30 million new unemployed, as well as the approaching elections will leave him no other choice, believes Trump.

President doubted Corona-death numbers

Maybe there will be less victims of war than we thought: According to the web portal Axios, the President doubted the Corona-death numbers. He thinks it’s too high. The hospitals are exaggerated, he says. In the Vietnam war American supplied intelligence services and the military is untrue, because of the high Numbers of Vietnamese killed by the Vietcong and the North. Now, there are American hospitals to deliver the allegedly false reports. Most likely, your figures are rather too low than too high.

many Deaths are undesirable, because of the success in the fight against the Virus is also measured in terms of the numbers of victims. 50’000 dead Americans were a success, then 60’000. In the meantime, the bar is in the millions. “There should be 2.2 million Deaths, now there are significantly less thanks to the great work of the Coronavirus task force and the leadership qualities of President Trump,” said recently the President spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany.

On Thursday, the number of deaths of 75’000 exceeded, about so many people, how in the city of Canton lives in Ohio. Bad forecasts are, however, in this war undesirable: Just hours after Arizona announced the Republican Governor Doug Ducey, the state is moving “in the right direction,” have been made by health experts from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University of Duceys health authority muzzled. On behalf of the health authority of the state, they had predicted a rise in infections and the defeatism guilty.

Big victim of the ‘little people’

whether the infection rates are rising or remain constant: In the American disease of capitalism has to wear his skin to the market, who wants to income and bread. The risk to be ill, need to be addressed. Workers refuse to conveyer belts by seuchter large slaughterhouses in the Midwest to return, they should receive no unemployment benefits. The country is in need of Hamburger and Steaks, which is why the President has determined that the meat industry as a system revelant. Their workers are infected by the Thousands.

It is the little people, the biggest victims are required: bus drivers and nurses, delivery personnel and warehouse workers, police officers, cleaning staff and sales staff. Non-profit organizations report that Hunger becomes a Problem. In front of the boards in the country, kilometers-long car queues are formed.

more than two centuries, the United States triggered the Rest of the world, “a wide range of feelings – love and hate, fear and hope, envy, and contempt, awe, and anger,” wrote Irish Journalist and writer Fintan O’toole recently in the “Irish Times”. “But there is a new Emotion that was previously never felt towards the United States: compassion,” said O’toole.

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