On December 29, actor Christophe Lambert celebrates his 66th birthday. During his long career, he shared the life of American actress Diane Lane, whom he starred in several films including Love Dream and Face à Face. relationship comes into the world a girl named Eleanor Jasmine, born in 1993.

After separating from the actress, Christophe Lambert found love again in 2007 with a famous Frenchwoman who is none other than Sophie Marceau. They had shot together the same year on the set of the feature film La Disparue de Deauville, directed by the actress herself. ‘Bedside man.

A relationship that will last for seven years. In July 2014, the lovebirds announced their breakup via a press release sent to AFP, claiming that it was a “friendly separation”. During the promotion of the film You want or you don’t want, the actress had mentioned her love story. “I wanted to avoid that we decide for us, that we speak for us. Things had to be said, that we were not caught up in misunderstandings”, she had declared, as relayed by Télé Star, and to affirm in Paris Match: “At the heart of this relationship, there is a desire for balance, harmony. We are less in the devouring passion and more in the accompaniment of the other”.

For his part, Christophe Lambert had also agreed to return to this separation, which was publicized in the columns of Gala. “Everything happened as we declared to AFP. In order to avoid rumors from a certain press, we decided to separate in friendship. For me, it is an implacable logic. You never stop loving someone, you love them differently. Now, in a couple, it happens that we no longer have the same desires”.

Since then, the two stars seem to have definitively turned the page. In 2018, Christophe Lambert fell in love with Italian actress Camilla Ferranti, 22 years younger than her. Sophie Marceau would have been in a relationship with pastry chef Cyril Lignac and then with theater producer Richard Caillat.