The Name Kibera or Kibra originally meant “forest” or “jungle”, but with the idyllic image of a green forest in Kenya’s largest Slum Kibera has nothing to do with it: In the South of Nairobi, not far from the national Park and its luxury hotels, there are nearly 200,000 people on just 2.5 square kilometres. For tens of Thousands of information, only five, ten bathrooms and one hundred toilets, according to the UN-available; large families live in three square meters of small huts without electricity and a window.

Niklas Maak

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

Why you should build in this incredible misery, not only water lines, but also an art center, you understand immediately, when you look at what the artist Marie Steinmann-Tykwer, and her husband, the film’s Director Tom Tykwer, hold here for ten years, mainly with children and young people. Since founded in 2007, the Association “One Fine Day”, informed a Team of artists, dancers, acrobats and musicians each week children in the Slums of Kibera and Mathare – what is more important, as the Kenyan government has removed the art classes from the curriculum. The supply with the most Necessary, but above all the experience of something Beautiful, or when you dance with the otherwise in the Slum everyday battered body in a joyful way deal that gives the children of Kibera and Mathare self-awareness and Confidence, it is not Yes.


Alongside the art program of “One Fine Day”, the visual arts, music, creative Writing, drama, ballet, acrobatics, and dance covers, and now every week 1500 students participate, also in favour of Kibera and Mathare to be internationally visible. And that is one of the most interesting young African Film-originated cultures, and finally even parts of the TV series “Sense8” in Kibera have been made, owes itself to the commitment of Tykwer’s. In order not to be in improvised spaces dependent, has acquired the club is now a plot in the Slum, a small art centre is to be built.

For the project, many artists have donated to artists and works, the on 14.December will be auctioned in a charity auction at Grisebach in Berlin. Anyone still looking for a nice, helpful gift for Christmas, Voigt is a work of Jorinde, a Hollywood Diva by Thomas Ruff (31 times 27 inches; minimum bid of 13500 EUR) or F. C. Gundlach’s photography “Mudra Afrique” of 1980 (3600). There is a ceramic Isa Melsheimer, which is reminiscent of the model of a utopian architecture, but also to an artificial heart (5500), and a distinctive Bronze Chess piece by Gregor Hildebrandt (4.7 times of 3.1 centimeters; 950); the pencil drawing of a cage of He Xiangyu (4600) and an abstract hingetuschtes “Chinatown” of the hotly acclaimed, Afghan artist Tamina Amadyar (3500) and more Good.