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This Wednesday, is Madonna has reported in his account of Instagram a message about the coronavirus that is already being called “conspiranoico”. This is a video of the dr Stella Immanuel, to which the singer calls “my hero” , in which he advocates treatment with hydroxychloroquine and criticism that is deceiving the world’s population with the expectation of a vaccine against the disease. “The truth will make us free. But some people do not want to hear the truth,” says his text. “Especially those in power who prefer to gain money with the long search of the vaccine. Which has been tested and is available from months ago. They prefer fear to take control and allow the rich to get richer and the poor and the sick get even more sick.”

Minutes later, the platform has deleted his post and has placed a warning of “false information”, which specifies that “several fact-checkers independent have revised this post, refuting the “lies” of the same, starting with the theory that you’ve already created a vaccine.

The post Madonna has disappointed many of his fans, not only because it apparently has joined the movement “conspiranoico” on which are inscribed other artists such as Miguel Bosé, but because such a Stella Immanuel , has been accused of homophobic , after assuring that “the endometriosis is caused by demons sexual”, there is “semen demon” involved in other venereal diseases, or to ask for the illegalization of gay marriage and abortion. The video of Immanuel was also shared by Donald Trump Jr. , and Twitter has closed the account.

this is Not the first time that Madonna generated controversy for his views on the coronavirus. In march, he published a video (which then also deleted) in which he hurled his reflections on the pandemic, referring to the COVID-19 as “the Great Equalizer” , a kind of natural mechanism that makes us all equal on this planet: “This doesn’t distinguish rich and poor, famous and anonymous people, to smart and a little awake. What is terrible is that it has made us all equal in many ways, and the wonderful thing is that has made us all equal in many ways. If the boat sinks, we will sink all together”

The artist contracted the disease at the beginning of the pandemic, and said that that was what disturbed their rugged last tour , in which he had to cancel many concerts. “When one gives positive for antibodies means you had the virus, what clearly happened to me when I was sick at the end of my tour in Paris for more than seven weeks. We all thought we had the flu very serious. Thank God, we are all healthy and well now. I hope that clarify things for those who are going too fast! ¡Knowledge is power!”, said the diva, who reported that he had just donate a million dollars to a fund for international aid to develop a vaccine and treatments against the disease.

Then, having performed the serology tests, and saw that he had created antibodies, returned to cause a strong dispute by saying to his followers that he was planning “a long drive” in the “I will run the windows to breathe the air with Covid-19” . It was also news your travel from United Kingdom to New York, ostensibly to attend a birthday party in full pandemic.

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