“Holiday route”: everything you need to know about the new FDJ scratch game


Three games in one and a high chance of winning. This is the promise made by La Française des Jeux with its new scratch game “Vacation Road”, designed especially for the summer. Available in the usual shops since Monday August 1, 2022, it is priced at 3 euros and offers a maximum gain equal to 30,000 euros.

If certain games in the same price range can allow you to win larger sums, it is on the probability of winning that La Française des jeux has chosen to bet this time. Indeed, with a 3.26 chance of winning a prize, the company promises “the best frequency of winning games at 3 euros”.

In the table of prizes revealed on the tickets, we note that out of three million tickets, 378,000 win 3 euros, 270,000 win 6 euros, 171,000, 9 euros, 100,000, 15 euros, 470, 100 euros, 10, 1000 euros and 3 win 30,000 euros, report our colleagues from Actu.fr.

Thus, with a chance in 1 million of winning 30,000 euros, the probabilities of winning the jackpot remain relatively low compared to other games.

The three games that make up this ticket are quite simple and classic. The first is to uncover one or more winning symbols under the scratch area.

The goal of the second is to find three times the same amount to win it.

Finally, the last mini-game is the most original since its objective is to discover a destination identical to the winner in order to be able to win the amount entered under the winning box.