No need to down a whole bottle of water to cool off… As explained by doctor Karan Raj, particularly known for his popular videos published on the social network TikTok, a few drops can be enough. And this, underlines Femme Actuelle on its site, even in times of heat wave! But for everything to work as expected, you have to know the trick… which, fortunately, is not very complex. It is based only on a good knowledge of the human body and its functioning.

Very concretely, explains the doctor, it is possible to deceive a certain area of ​​the brain, the hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating body temperature. “This area essentially acts as a thermostat”, specifies the expert, who does not fail to recall its rather particular shape, which is reminiscent of that of a peanut. Very concretely, he continues, it is therefore important to know your “pulse points”, which turn out to be the same in every human being. They are quite numerous and generally easy to access.

In practice, continues the doctor, “these are the areas where the blood vessels are so close to the skin that you can feel them”. All you have to do is drop a few drops of cool water on it to push the hypothalamus to cool the body temperature.

Here are some of the most accessible: