Roaring Twenties: 5 things that were forbidden 100 years ago


In the aftermath of the Second World War, France is gradually rebuilding and the economy is recovering. After years of conflict, deprivation and misfortune, the people are beginning to rediscover a taste for life and a new era seems to be dawning, the Roaring Twenties.

During the 1920s, it was as if a single word was circulating on everyone’s lips: party. Young people are full of hope, they now want to live, have fun and above all forget the last particularly difficult years.

Cars are becoming more democratic, household appliances are appearing, as are cinema and radio. This unique era was marked by changes on all sides, both in daily life and in culture.

Indeed, at that time, a multitude of Americans joined France to flee prohibition as well as the important expansion of the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist terrorist secret society. With them, they take jazz, swing and the famous dancer Jos├ęphine Baker, symbol of the Roaring Twenties, as Paris Zig Zag explains.

It was in 1929 that this magical parenthesis came to an end. The Wall Street stock market crash leads to a fall in the American economy and therefore a crisis throughout the world. After a decade of expansion, celebration and good life, the French find themselves plunged into economic crisis.

Between the 1920s and 2020, a gap therefore seems to have widened since in one century a lot of things have changed. Thus, since the Roaring Twenties, laws and mores have changed and certain things that seem very natural to us were still prohibited at that time.