The objective of reducing waste within the framework of the anti-waste law (AGEC) will soon take effect for our dear receipts. Its abolition, however postponed twice, is now official for August 1, 2023. However, the reasons for this extension are obvious. An ever stronger inflation pushes the French to check their expenses very regularly.

In addition, this measure will also apply to vouchers, coupons or bank card tickets printed so far without limit. Printing will always be possible at the request of the customer. A drop in ticket printing should quickly occur in order to reduce the number of 30 billion papers printed each year by merchants.

As mentioned above, managing expenses will be more difficult for the French. Vigilance will therefore be required, but also with regard to the passage of your products at the checkout. It will be necessary to monitor that the cashier operator does not make any mistakes. In addition, without a receipt, it will be difficult for you to provide proof of purchase in order to obtain a potential refund.

Other risks associated with the removal of the systematic till receipt include the increased risk of fraud. On the front line, contactless payment will become an asset for fraudsters. The associations are already warning consumers in view of the non-printing of the ticket. For example, some taxi drivers sometimes type in the amount to be paid and ask the customer for their bank card to complete the “contactless” transaction. In the absence of a receipt, it will be difficult to ensure that the amount withdrawn is correct, as explained by Femme Actuelle.

Discover in our slideshow below, the 5 survivors of this removal of the receipt scheduled for August 1, 2023.