Heat wave: why you should put your sheets in the freezer


Some maintain that it only takes a few drops to cool off… even in the middle of a heat wave. But then, however practical such tricks can be, they all require the awakening of the person who seeks to cool down. When night finally comes, that’s a problem. Particularly in the city, as Le Figaro explains, where it is difficult to find sleep due to the high temperatures. Fortunately, it is possible to think of other solutions, indicates the specialized site How to save.

To wake up fresh, but during a heat wave, it is not necessary to have expensive air conditioning installed: all you have to do is put your sheets in the freezer. But beware ! To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to follow a certain number of steps. Summary of the procedure to follow.

Start, unsurprisingly, by making sure there will be enough room in your freezer. If necessary, one of the compartments must then be emptied to have enough space. Once this is done, be sure to fold the sheets you want to refresh, then put them in the machine about ten minutes before going to bed. Also plan the time needed to reinstall them. To avoid odors, if the freezer is full of food, consider an airtight plastic bag.

You can do the same with the pillowcases, or opt for the fridge. In this case, however, it is necessary to leave the fabric longer (one day, approximately) to obtain the same kind of result.