It is already the third heat wave of the year and, fortunately, rains are expected this evening. But before that, informs Météo France on its site, we will have to deal with particularly high temperatures: it is indeed this Friday August 12, 2022 that the French and the French could face the hottest day of the week . In general, Le Parisien points out, the summer of 2022 promises to be more than hot: it looks like “an average mid-century summer”… as described in some of the most pessimistic scenarios of global warming. climatic. On good terms.

Among the more moderate scenarios are worrying leads. Thus, the scientists of Météo France explain to fear the increase in the number of tropical nights in the year. In Lyon and by 2050, they could increase to 35 rather than 14 as is currently the case.

Before getting there, you will already have to deal with the high temperatures of the day. From 5 a.m., the weather organization reported “more than 25°” in some of the most affected departments and this is only the beginning. From the beginning of the afternoon, the mercury should rise again, oscillating from 35°C to 40°C depending on the location. More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find below.

“During the day on Friday, the maximum temperatures are stationary and of the same order as yesterday, reaching 37 to 40°C, even locally 41°C”, indicates the organization, which however evokes a drop in maximum temperatures from Saturday. But this will not be enough to preserve these departments from the heat. “In the departments placed in yellow vigilance, the heat is persistent with maximum temperatures which regularly reach 36/37°C, locally 38”, we can still read on the official platform.

In general, the North and North-East will be able to blow more: temperatures should not exceed… 34°C. It remains to be seen whether the earth will not be too dry to absorb the water from the coming storms…

Anyway, it is still recommended to drink water regularly, ideally several times a day and not to hesitate to moisten the body with the help of an atomizer. Eat normally, avoid going out during the hottest hours (between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m.), wear a hat and light clothing if you have no choice. Remember to ventilate your home at night and keep your shutters closed during the day, as well as your curtains and windows. Remember to check in on the elderly or vulnerable people around you and provide them with assistance if needed.