This Monday, October 31, Séverine Ferrer celebrates her 45th birthday. The former host of the cult show Fan 2 has carried out many projects in recent months. She notably appeared in Les Reines du shopping celebrities on M6, alongside Sylvie Tellier, Arielle Dombasle, Lio and Carine Galli, and in prime time on W9 as mistress of ceremonies for the “Born in 90” concert.

But it is especially in the theater that we will find her soon. Indeed, Séverine Ferrer will stage the show “La Voie des Femmes” from May 2023. At each performance, the host will stand alongside four actresses who will tell their stories, their places as women in society. Among the actresses announced, Charlotte Gaccio, Rebecca Hampton, Tonya Kirzinger, Denitsa Ikonomova or even Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut will share the stage in turn. In October 2023, Séverine Ferrer will be the star of the comedy “A qui prix tu m’aimes?”, a play in which she will reply to Terrence Telle.

On Instagram, Séverine Ferrer is followed by more than 33,000 people. The native of Montpellier does not hesitate to communicate regularly with her fans through the social network. And she particularly enjoys posting pictures of her in the sun. For the occasion, find below our selection of the most beautiful shots of the host and actress on her Instagram account.