The American government because of a budget dispute with a partial government still no Delegation after the rejection of President Donald Trump now for the annual meeting of the world economic forum in Davos (Switzerland). The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders announced on Thursday.

“in the face of 800,000 of the great American workers who are not paid, and to ensure that his Team can be there to help where it is needed, President Trump cancelled the trip of its Delegation to the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland,” – said in a statement from Sanders.

Trump had already been announced prior to the days of his renunciation of the planned trip in the Alps. First Minister, Mike Pompeo, Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin, and Minister of the economy, Wilbur Ross, however, had maintained, among other things, the outside of their travel plans. You are travelling now, apparently, but not in Switzerland.

in addition, the President, Donald Trump had cancelled a trip to his democratic adversary Nancy Pelosi. “Due to the shutdown, I have to tell you that your trip has been moved to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan,” wrote Trump on Thursday in a letter to the Chairman of the house of representatives.