You are in a hurry and you want to eat on the go a good dish of pasta with butter? Be careful how you cook them, it wouldn’t be a case of getting sick… Indeed, according to a study by the National Water Center relayed by Femme Actuelle, 61% say they use hot water directly to their food needs, because they are faster and more economical. This means that the majority of French people can be contaminated, without knowing it, by water much more easily with this method.

In most cases, you will consume more bacteria than if your water was cold. Indeed, as the Current Woman reminder, the hot water from your tap comes from your water heater. Water that has therefore stagnated, often several hours before use. However, bacterial proliferation is common in the cumulus.

But there is even more dangerous: lead contamination. Indeed, we would find twice as much lead in water at 25°C as in water at 15°C. However, many homes still have outdated or non-compliant pipes: 2 to 3 million homes still have lead pipes, according to UFC Que-Choisir.

It is difficult to know if water is contaminated, and depending on where you live, your region, the state of your accommodation, you will not have the same quality of water, but there are a few points of vigilance such as cooking and preparing your drinks with cold water before heating it. Also, if you drink tap water, certain signs can alert you. If you detect, for example, a taste of earth or slime, it is most likely contaminated.