Go out well wrapped up, go out warmly dressed. After this week’s mildness, we will have to get used to the cold again this weekend and the next few days, according to the first forecasts. For a few days, a rumor circulating on social networks evokes a drastic drop in the thermometer around February 8, the latter dropping to… -12°C. A disaster scenario that will not happen, according to La Chaîne Météo: “The temperatures will drop well next week, we will even go back below normal for the season. On the other hand, we will not be able to speak of a cold wave, because the conditions will not are not met”.

The specialized site specifies that the temperatures will drop well below normal for the season from Monday February 6, with an average of 4.2°C throughout France, adding: “The drop should be more significant in the second part. weeks with deficits of -3°C to -4°C”. If it will be cold everywhere, for several days, the three criteria for qualifying the cold wave phenomenon will not be met. As a reminder, here they are:

If the second part of next week will be the coldest, temperatures will start to drop from Monday. Tuesday, February 7 will already be particularly cold, according to Météo France forecasts. The thermometer will drop below 0°C in 64 departments. Check the predictions below to see if yours is affected.