From 15 to 30 euros for men, up to 100 euros for women. Going to the hairdresser can be very expensive. As long as you have short hair or a desire for brushing, the hair appointment can even become weekly. According to the Fiducial Observatory of hairdressing salons, the French go to their hairdresser at least 7 times a year. The average price of a visit to the hairdresser amounts to 36 euros on average, in 2020. That is an annual budget estimated at 255 euros.

Getting a haircut is an incompressible expense for many: who hasn’t tried cutting their own hair only to end up asking a hairdresser to make up for the disaster? And yet a more economical alternative to traditional salons exists.

Just turn to application salons, hairdressing schools or training centers (CFA). Most schools offer a cut or a color for 10 to 15 euros on average. That is a reduction of almost 80% compared to major hairdressing salons. Some schools even do it for free.

Throughout the year, hairdressing institutes are looking for volunteer models so that their students can train in real conditions. If the terms of training and students can initially worry, you should know that only apprentice hairdressers already able to work in a salon practice there. In addition, their teachers are always present during the cuts.

The only difference with a traditional salon lies in the cutting time, which is slightly longer so that the student can take his marks and listen to the advice of his trainer. It takes on average two hours for a cut and three hours for a color on long hair.

There are hundreds of hairdressing schools across the country looking for models. According to the Merci l’info directory, find the address of the salon closest to you in the slideshow below.