Head of the day – Operation in the liberation of Guido Balmer, until recently, head of Information FDJP, works now in Operation Libero – as an old hand among the young people.Opinion Salome Müller1 Kommentar1Ist a Libero: Guido Balmer, a long-time head of Information at the FDJP, works now in Operation Libero.Photo: PD

Operation Libero is Guido Balmers new employer, and as an “Operation Libero” can also be in exchange to interpret: as a point of departure in the freedom. So, at least, Balmer sees it.

Balmer was 17 years at the Federal Department of justice and police (FDJP), first as Deputy head of Information, since 2013, as head of the information service. In this time he has been responsible for the public Relations for the Federal councillors Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf (BDP), Simonetta Sommaruga (SP), and most recently Karin Keller-Sutter (FDP). Balmer was a very pleasant, well-respected Person, it is called out of his work environment. Someone who meet the sound, and in the case of votes to the maximum shape thanks. Journalists refer to him as accessible and fair.

As in the past few months, the FDJP a reorganization loomed and it became clear that the place of Guido Balmer is to be re-occupied, he decided to go. Balmer assured that without any resentment. “It is the personal right of a councillor to choose with whom they want to work,” he says. The stand in the Federal personnel law, and also in the employment contract of an information heads. Balmer saw the time has come to dare something New. At the end of may, he has left the Department.

“Rock it!”

in a week, Balmer is 54 years old, head of communications for Libero. An old hand among all the young people – also about his experience: Balmer was at the 21 referenda responsible for communication. In his current role, he is responsible for the campaign against the termination of the initiative of the SVP in the September vote. When his exchange was this week’s publication, he had received a bunch of reactions, says Balmer. Positive. Someone did say: “Rock it!” You realize how much Balmer is happy about it.

What looks like a page change, the former government spokesman as a member of a dynamic movement that suggests Balmer rather than continued: “I was a mediator, and I am now.” In both functions, it is a contribution to the free formation of opinion.

Balmer, it is important that the people decide in the end to be well informed, whether you are in favour of a template or reject it. But to be clear: The game room in a civil society Organisation, such as the Operation of the Libero is greater. You have the freedom to focus the argument on two key points. And there is a different audience, other channels and other issues, if one is involved within a political movement.

Whether he was not tired?

Balmer says he has followed Operation Libero since its founding in 2014. At the time you made your fight against the enforcement of the initiative of the SVP attention. Now the organization is again at a similar point, and with it, the Switzerland. It is necessary to fight for a “no”, says Balmer. “Only in this way we ensure that we have the freedoms and advantages we have thanks to the free movement of persons and bilateral agreements.” It runs: Operation liberation, in the second part.

Balmers employment is time-limited up to the vote. What he does next, he knows not yet. Whether he was not tired, maybe a break need? On The Contrary. He got there, two ideas, he says. Nothing is a phrase that is Mature. And anyway: He wanted to concentrate on the campaign work.

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