If someone makes with his departure from the stage of the headlines, it is not necessarily a good sign. In the case of Nikolaus Brender it wasn’t a good sign, as of 2009, his contract as editor-in-chief of the ZDF has not been extended. Brender was the victim of a conspiracy in the Board of Directors of the transmitter to the pipe made by the then Prime Minister of Hesse, Roland Koch.

Michael Hanfeld

responsible editor for the features section Online and “media”.

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The justification to not keep Brender as the first journalists in the station, because he was in charge of the information program find little encouragement from the audience, had advanced. It was more like Brender stand for a public-service journalism, and is worthy of in fact, the transmitter representatives will gladly sought the predicate of the “State”. He was unpredictable and inconvenient, not only for the party politicians sitting in the Supervisory bodies of the broadcasters.

As uncomfortable and resistant as he could be, was for the audience on the night of the Bundestag election of 18.September 2005. Because Brender offered in the so-called elephant round the defeated Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, who did not want to have the election result is still true, in a democratic model way to stand up to. It was an hour of political television.

Convenient Brender made a point of never challenging it was for all, even in the ZDF; hard to beat even when on the larch mountain to relax “socks race to serve” in the hallway, in which he is to be with a much younger Challenger neck and neck remained. The ZDF Brender came in the year 2000, prior to that, he worked as a program Director and editor-in-chief at WDR. To see on the screen, he was since the mid-eighties, first as a South America correspondent, then as a WDR-abroad-in-chief, Moderator of the “world mirror” and commentator in the “issues of the day”. Had studied Brender policy and law in Freiburg, Munich and Hamburg, before he started in 1980 at the former southwest radio. Born in Freiburg, had Brender his baccalaureate at the Jesuit College of St. Blasien.