Planned film biography “Spencer” – Kristen Stewart dares to Lady DiDer Hollywood star takes on another icon of pop culture: In the Biopic “Spencer” will you play the fatal accident of Princess Diana.Hans Jürg Zinsli0 Comment Kristen Stewart.Photo: Mark Von Holden (Invision/AP)

“Twilight”Star Kristen Stewart has laid down: they will play in your next game, film, Princess Diana. In the center of Spencer (after Diana’s last name before the wedding with Prince Charles) is titled a Christmas weekend on the Royal country seat of Sandringham at the beginning of the nineties.

The whole plot to play out within three days. Lady Di should at that time have decided to separate from her husband Charles. Her tragic accidental death will play years later in the Film, not a role, according to the industry portal Deadline.

Stewart continues what she began to “Twilight”times – is the embodiment of real characters. In 2010, she starred in “The Runaways,” the rock chick Joan Jett, last year, she presented at the Zurich Film Festival, the biography of “Seberg” on the French Nouvelle Vague icon Jean Seberg.

“Kristen Stewart is able to carry a movie alone with your eyes.”

“Spencer”Director Pablo Larrain

How Stewart prepared for such a film biography about the American actress was last October, information: “First of all, you would think: This Person am not sure I will. It is the challenge to be intimidated and to be suspended and have to push away everything of himself to the role to be immersed. “Seberg” was also difficult, because there is this actress hardly picture material. I didn’t know, for example, how you entered a room, if she was just casual. Also the sound we were different: I had to speak for this role an octave higher than usual.”

Of the Fans and the media are besieged

“Spencer” is expected to know coming in the opposite Stewart now, to the extent that she was besieged to “Twilight”-times similar to Diana of the Fans and the media, this reason for feeling so. The difference is About Lady Di, there is much more source material than Jean Seberg.

in Addition, Stewart has with the Chilean Pablo Larrain, a film Director, who praises in the highest tones: “can Stewart mysterious, fragile and strong impact”, said this to Deadline. “And she is able to carry a movie alone with your eyes.”

Diana, Princess of Wales in November 1985 during a state dinner in Adelaide.Photo: Keystone

Larrain, it needs to know, he knows biographies of great female characters. The Chilean turned in 2016, a movie about the US President’s wife Jackie Kennedy (“Jackie”), who is the main actress Natalie Portman earned an Oscar nomination. And Yes, such an honor Stewart is still missing in her career.

displeasure on social media

The filming of “Spencer” is expected to begin in the spring of 2021. The American actress is to play the Queen of hearts, created in the social media, however, for displeasure; many claimed that Kristen Stewart is Princess Diana see similar.

After your last two roles in the 2019er-Action-Comedy “Charlie’s Angels” and the Sci-Fi horror film “Underwater” at the box-office flop and also the criticism by had fallen, is likely to be for Kristen Stewart, the role of the Lady Di is a welcome challenge.

This now has to queue might also be her feature film debut as a Director, once in the back: In the framework of the ZFF Stewart had mentioned that it was working on the adaptation of Lidia Yuknavitchs the cult of the book “The Chronology of Water”.

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