At a low level of Swiss exports has calmed down, the decline in the previous month, slightly stabilize in may After a record slump in April – albeit at a low level. There are even signs on the road to recovery. 0 comment Eder Swiss foreign trade has stabilized in may, albeit at a low level. (Icon image), KEYSTONE/GAETAN BALLY

The Swiss export economy, in may, to feel the Corona of a pandemic more. It is, however, a stabilization at a low level.

After the record slump in April, a decline of about 12 percent was measured, the decline in exports in may, only slightly. They went back to month-on-month seasonally adjusted 1.2 percent to 16.45 billion Swiss francs.

However, you still miles far from the values of the Corona are time far. The Swiss export economy had dropped off before that part per month Goods to the value of over 20 billion Swiss francs abroad.

the imports, the Corona-time is amounted in the Front-to around 17 billion per month, reached in may, the usual level. They recovered but in contrast to exports, some by the diver in April. Specifically, they increased compared to the previous month on a seasonally adjusted basis by 9.8% to 13,64 billion.

For the balance of trade this results for the month of may a Surplus of 2.81 billion Swiss francs, as the Figures of the Federal customs administration (FCA) to remove from the Thursday.

signs of a recovery

The customs administration, wrote in the notification a summary of the “signs of recovery”. A proof of this is that the exports without a special effect in the case of the pharmaceutical exports overall have recovered, said Alexandra Lehmann of the FCA, the news Agency AWP.

the export immuno decreased technological products by almost a fifth after it had increased in month-on-month to one-fifth. The pharmaceutical and chemical industry contributed more than half of the exports, according to changes in shape in this sub-group of the overall picture.

it has slowed the decline in the sub-groups “machinery and electronics” (with -1.5 to -4.5 percent) and “precision instruments” (down by 2.8 to -18.1 percent). Other important sectors like “metals” and “watch” rose compared to the previous month.


Of the three major markets developed according to the communication, only Europe (+2,7%). Exports to North America (-3.3%) and Asia (-13,9%), in contrast, declined.

And in Europe, the picture was very heterogeneous. Exports rose, especially to Germany (+6.8%), while those decreased in Italy and France by more than 10 percent.

In the case of imports, imports from North America declined also (-12.4 percent). In contrast, imports from Europe (+11.6%) and Asia (+13.2%) increased markedly. The latter would be achieved, thus the level of the beginning of the year, the customs administration.

The end of the lock downs, also in the case of certain Import-sub-groups. So the number of imported passenger vehicles has increased, for example, is striking; it almost doubled compared to the previous month. Also, the Import of textiles, clothes and shoes increased after the Opening of the stores again strongly (+32%).


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