Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, expiry date or foreign bodies: multiple reasons can lead to the recall of a product in store. Since spring 2021, the Rappel Conso platform has been informing consumers by publishing each recall procedure. It is managed by several ministries, namely: the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Ecological Transition. If the majority of the products concerned are food, others may be concerned… Here is the list of purchases that can be found there:

From the leaders of large retailers to the corner grocery store and markets, all businesses are affected by product recalls. Today, Planet focused on one of the favorite supermarkets of French consumers: Carrefour. Charcuterie, cheese, sweets… Several departments have been forced to withdraw products from sale recently. Check out the full list in our slideshow below.

If you are in possession of a recalled product, do not use or consume it. Contact customer service to find out how to refund. If the recall concerns a food that has already been eaten, watch for any unusual symptoms and contact your GP if in doubt.