Anderlecht coach Frank Vercauteren reacts to five percent of the system’s Kompany: The philosophy will stay the same but the ball is not holy


Frank Vercauteren last week after the 0-0 at the Three all the criticism that he’s pretty football, Vincent Kompany already have aside had. The ” home and gave the Anderlecht-coach will have a vision on a number of points of the system, and Kompany. “I’m not here to be the philosophy of change. That remains more than 200 percent is the same, but we do have work.”

1. Less possession of the ball

Vincent Kompany has sought, in theory, to have 80 per cent possession of the ball. That is, of course, was never possible, but Anderlecht had more and more than than 60% of the time with the ball. Under Vercauteren’s, that had dropped to about 50 percent of the time. “The ball is, for me, is not sacrosanct”, according to Vercauteren. “On Three, I was on a lot of things, not to be dissatisfied. Some people may see it differently, but twintigmeter the goal in our building is good. We found that the exposed men and 84% of our passing game was about to begin. They all are on the offensive, a way to finesse it. That was way too much.”

2. Crusher Kayembe

Kompany wanted to be a controlling midfielder, that is a very good football player. One of which is the construction maintained, and it was common for Peter Zulj. Vercauteren has played in the Three plots with the Edo Kayembe for the defense. For the Congolese it is not a technical lift. To many observers, it is understood that it is not. Especially as Trebel well as a playmaker to play with. All the creativity is gone.

“If Kayembe’s playing, it’s because I think he will be the best in that position. Edo, could be the best for balance. Any team looking for a defensive midfielder, which is great, you can walk miles of countryside, but can also dribble and attack the system. If they have all of the features of the play, however, in Barcelona, spain. So, I decided to Kayembe, and it’s not about one player. The balance sheet is crucial in order to have control in the matter.”

3. No two spelmakers more:

Kompany played, always, with two of the spelmakers, two songs, ten of which are for the creativity needed to make. Often, these were Verschaeren, and Vlap. For Vercauteren, the triangle is reversed. One playing point guard, and the two midfielders that have to check. “There were two of our midfielders are really high. There was a counter and across the axis of the field was open. The opponent is refined registrations and that, too, and that it was dealt with. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have a good football and want more, but it is good football is coming from a good organization.”

4. Backs get back line does not

The Kompany overlapped with the left and right back, never flankaanvallers to get to the dead ball line to pick it up. Kompany has opted for the inverted wingbacks. In other words, the back to the midfield, and pushed back to manmeersituatie to be created. Sieben Dewaele’s doing it still. Want to Vercauteren does not have more depth on the flanks? “If the back to the inside moving around as if the back line can get it, then that would be great. But then, we are all just a few steps away. It is not the stages to be missed. I’m learning a lot on Kompany though. I have already seen a – inverted wingbacks, but I had never used it as a solution. But here, we are trying to do.”

5. Better training:

Vercauteren, it is harder to exercise than Vincent Kompany. If a player has a small corner cut off or a cone is missing, he has seen it all. Therefore, it was, inter alia, Michel Vlap last week, with a sneer, that he did not have enough focus was put on the field. “I do, however, have a response given this week. On the different guys. We can’t afford to have some tightening and the relaxation of have to be. Even alzouden, we are the first to stand. Club Brugge doesn’t do that. Nature and spirit are what we need. During the race, I saw that the boys, sometimes very quickly, and there was a decline, and terugvochten, but in training, I want each and every time the knife between the teeth.”

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