Analysis of the tensions, U.S. – China – Trump plays China in the HändeIn Washington, there is talk of a new cold war. Beijing is ready for it, because it has learned much from America.Opinion Christof Münger0 comment harmony for the cameras: the US President, Trump and China’s head of state Xi Jinping in Beijing in November 2017. Already at that time the conflict emerged.Photo: Jonathan Ernst (Reuters)

When it comes to China, the sounds high-pitched, coming from Washington. Already there is talk of a new cold war. Not only because of the “disease from China,” like Donald Trump is called the Coronavirus. It is a fight also because of Beijing’s territorial claims, or the use of the 5G technology. In fact, China has been present for some time, with the self-understanding of a superpower, and refuses to tolerate any interference when it comes to the Uighurs, or how up to date are to Hong Kong. The USA have applied according to its own figures, without success, a meeting of the UN security Council because of the controversial Chinese security law for Hong Kong. China have blocked the proposal.

geschichtsk suffered as the Tiananmen square massacre

This fits in with what the Regime in Beijing denies that the danger of a Corona-pandemic denied. This is geschichtsk suffered aging as we know it from dealing with the Tiananmen square massacre in here. In fact, the Communist leadership with their cover-up policy has contributed significantly to the fact that the Virus could spread globally. The head of state, Xi Jinping could not complain, therefore, if he would receive invoices from all over the world, in order for the economic damage.

the Content of Trumps is entitled to criticism of China therefore. Problematic in their constant recurrence and the aggressive nature, however, as he has formulated them. The US government seems to be just rhetoric on China be put in the oven shot. With the care of this enemy image of the American President would like to secure, apparently, his re-election. However, this is counter-productive and dangerous, but it Trumps the scapegoat policy.

This also means that the US President threatens to leave, the world health organization. For all the justified criticism of the blue-eyed handling of the WHO with China: The Americans are ill-advised, as the largest donor, its position of dominance without the Need to give up. The UN Organisation has 194 members, of which only a single, should the United States follow. Certainly not during a pandemic, which may not be a national defeat, but an international reaction is required. The United States awarded the opportunity, such Effort mention. If Trump is abandoning America’s Position in the WHO, contributes little to keep a rising China in check. On the contrary, as the withdrawal from the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP), a trade agreement the Pacific rim, to the start of trump’s term of office has shown.

agreements are never perfect, but still useful

Washington has exercised its influence not only by means of military alliances, but also through international organisations such as the WHO, the UN or the world Bank. This is a worldwide linked network has contributed substantially to the American success in the Cold war. Of which Donald Trump wants to know anything more, he weakens an international Institution after the other, now he wants to pull out of the Open Skies agreement for air surveillance of foreign territories back. Even if agreements such as the one about the open sky can’t be perfect, you have reduced the risk of war and at the same time the US allows its dominance to exercise.

The Chinese leadership mimics the strategy of the West in the Cold war.

Despite the bullying from the White house Beijing, you can live very well with the current US foreign policy. Because it offers China the unexpected Chance, the world’s political vacuum to fill, which makes the government the Trump behind. The Chinese are world Champions in copying, on the technical equipment Made in China is regarded as the seal of a good copy. It’s little surprise then that the Chinese leadership also mimics the strategy of the West in the Cold war.

examples of the Marshall plan and the tsunami aid

examples of the charm offensive, with China, the political project of the new silk road promoted. Or the seemingly selfless assistance during the Corona-crisis. Because a dictatorship will be organized as a benevolent super power. As a model for the United States, obviously, from the Marshall plan to the tsunami aid. And China’s propaganda advances get caught, especially since Trump has given the Anti-Americanism of the new thrust. Even in European democracies, it is now called sometimes: “Look, the Chinese make it better.”

Washington feels challenged and sees the conflict with China as a struggle between the super power, the the 20. Century has dominated, and of those, the the 21. wants to dominate. The diagnosis is correct: Always when a new great power forward, and pushed the existing order no longer respected, it comes to tectonic shifts. The political tensions, the trigger can discharge a military, most likely old break points. In this case, in the Strait of Taiwan or in the South China sea.

Already Kennan warned of a “great clamor”

This is all reminiscent of the late 1940s, as the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union loomed. At the time, George F. Kennan (1904-2005), the chief planner in the US recommended to the Ministry, a reserved outer end, but stand fixed Position against the Communist enemy: “The main element must be any U.S. policy toward the Soviet Union, the long-term, patient but firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies.” The Diplomat clarified that this had nothing to do “with threats of a great shouting, unnecessary Gestures or demonstrative hardness”. This would be a reasonable attitude in dealing with China.

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