There are considerable sums, were able to collect some of the German financial Start-ups in the past year among investors. The Berlin Smartphone Bank N26 received 130 million euros to Finance further growth and a possible jump across the Atlantic to the United States. The interest rate marketplace Deposit Solutions that allows interest-hungry German savers, the investment in the foreign countries, received EUR 88 million. 56 million euros, were investors in the Berlin Solaris Bank that offers a range of banking services for companies that want to apply for a banking license.

Tim Kanning

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

for the First time, more than 1 billion euros, the financial Start-up could collect-ups from Germany this year as a whole. The business consulting, Barkow Consulting has calculated and reports a proud growth of 55 percent compared to the previous year. Especially a very strong final quarter led to the increase. In just the last three months of the year, investors were, therefore, of 353 million euros in the young financial companies – more than twice as much as in the prior-year period.

recently, the consulting company had reported EY, that for the year 2018, a total of 636 million euros had been invested in German Fintechs, which means an increase of 12 percent compared to the previous year (F. A. Z. from 15. December). The difference is Peter Barkow substantiated on request with the “different Fintech universe”, the two consulting companies. He added, inter alia, the vigorously-growing Segment of the so-called Proptechs with new technical solutions for the real estate market to the market would bring. Here, for example, the Ferienhaus-Portal Hometogo have received in the past year, 75 million Euro from investors.

Strong investor interest

Barkow comes after its count to 793 German Fintechs, of which about 170 Proptechs. In the EY-study of mid-December, the Start-ups had been of 303 German financial the speech. In agreement, the two consulting firms in the finding that, while there is now less new Fintechs that the existing young companies round can collect their funding, but more money. “We see a strong interest of investors in major funding round,” says Barkow. “Here, especially venture capitalists, but also some of the strategic investors involved.”

An example of a strategic Investor, the investment division of the insurance group, Alliance name, Alliance, X, with the round of financing of N26. Many other insurance companies and banks have an incubator built the appropriate investment vehicle, such as the Commerzbank’s your Main. Aim of the group’s own investment companies, it is less to achieve a high rate of return from the Investments, as to be rather close to the innovations in it and, where appropriate, through partnerships for its own business use. “We still have not seen any really good Exits from Fintechs”, says Barkow. “But the knowledge transfer that takes place between the Start-ups and strategic investors, is great.”

investor from the Anglo-Saxon

Surprised. the consultant, especially the strong growth of investment by 2017 to 2018 In the past two years, the rate of growth had weakened, however. In 2015, the growth of investment was compared to the previous year, his Figures show that even at 145 percent, and in 2016, then, at 38 percent and 2017 at 16 percent.