René Pollesch in Zurich: How soap on the wet tub edge


    The crack-up. The Drama. The Terror. The Monkey. The Girl. The Washing Plant. And in General: “Everything is a process of decline is life eh.” Consisting of a loud missed buses and wrong Turnings. Just recently they had occurred, the three great actor Kathrin Angerer, Marie Rosa Tietjen and Martin Wuttke, just they had set up in the of Barbara Steiner in memory of Bert Neumann, with thousands of light bulbs enclosed Stage, which looked like a giant make-up mirror, just she had lit a cigarette and the legs hitting each other, since the night was already over.

    Six hours of a Midsummer night’s dream, or was it forty-eight? No one could say exactly the an languages of children ran through the desert, the others had seen a huge monkey in the circus. Obvious life illusion: While trying to get out of the bad infinity into the playful Here and Now, were stranded on a mirror-smooth discourse surface, on which the connotations slip back and forth like pieces of soap on a wet bath tub edge.

    Apparent possibilities are not, but do so, just like the future no longer is what it once was. The only Reassuring is that the bodies are still the body and the disasters disasters. For heart pain is taken care of. Otherwise, there are, as always, Trouble with the objects. Surf Board, a small fountain, and a colossal APE hand – it doesn’t fit together, the provoked but connection errors, very many, terrible connection errors.

    the language of The unspoken things not found

    “I know what a place is, I only know his price” is the best Pollesch piece for a long time. Because it is so sudden and honest. So straight out, without a lot of swerve comes to the Decisive: The Belief that the whole life of the language is to grasp. “You’d have to invent a language for all the unspoken things”, is to say it once, but as long as there is not this invention, as long as out there, especially the “Fuck the praises of realism,” will be sung, we must content ourselves with the preliminaries. If the spraying funny and Dadaist like this, then we like to be frugal and watch it with great pleasure, and listens, and rejoices in the issued futility.

    the output hypothesis of the Evening is that effective communication can only build on lies, so the three enjoyed the king’s children over to speak with Verve to each other. One of them says “No pig cares for me,” answers the other: “Speaking of Pets”.