The SPD should actually be happy that someone from their ranks, the trusts, the chancellorship, and not only the Vice-chancellorship. Olaf Scholz has done it now and only said what knew anyway: He is one of the few among those who indicate in the SPD, the tone, the Chancellor would be capable of.

no one embodied in the SPD, but also the tragedy of this party as much as he: On party days, he is punished regularly “,” even though he is the Only one in the hall has brought in his life an absolute government majority. As it comes to the SPD, it must be said: Just because he managed to do it, he is under suspicion. His Chancellor ambitions, has set a Chancellor candidate of the SPD, but always in spite of and not because of the party.

The reactions to his Statement will be taken into account Scholz. Significantly, only one would be Nahles: the challenged party Chairman Andrea. And yet another: the base in a ballot. The fear Scholz, because you know it’s probably better than the party day.