German car industry: The eco-help guides with the old data is misleading


    new cars in Europe still consume much more fuel than given by the manufacturers, and reported it via Radio, television and online portals. So reputable broadcasters such as SWR 3 the message this Friday even place 1 in the morning news. Three years after the Manipulation of Volkswagen, the auto industry had learned nothing, on the contrary, the scandal is endless and will always be bigger, is the message.

    Holger Appel

    editor in the business, responsible for the “technology and Motor”.

    F. A. Z.

    And immediately the German environment is, of course, help. “Determined to high deviations must be sanctioned to stop the fraud in the automotive industry,” urges Barbara Metz, Federal Deputy managing Director of the DUH. It should be probably more correct: The fraud of the environmental aid and their accomplices must be stopped.

    Because of the supposed latest scandal is based on an analysis of the American International Council on Clean Transportation ICCT, helped by the exhaust measurements, the manipulation of VW in the United States, uncover, and some as not-so-independent occurrences, such as it is. The ICCT has now been found and published, that the real-world emissions differ by an average of 39 percent of the determined in the laboratory manufacturer’s instructions, resulting in the urgent need for action is derived, of course, the European automobile manufacturers and fraudulent motor vehicle tax revenue brought to the Treasury. Somewhere far back in the Text, the data base is: The year is 2017.

    Now WLTP

    is long since So far nobody reads, apparently, because then you would have to notice something. By 2017, the European law provided for the certification on the chassis dynamometer, the decades-long practice of procedures called the NEDC. The test parameters were carefully defined and monitored.

    Each one knew the results that the fuel consumption figures were lower than in everyday life and in the first line as a basis of comparison should be used. According to this method, vehicles are, therefore, to have been by no means approved illegally, which, incidentally, is also cited in the debate about the retrofitting of exhaust gas cleaning systems by interested parties again and again with diligence misleading. Last, by the way, in a fairly bended note, in particular, BMW is attacking TV report on ZDF.

    Because the NEDC had weaknesses in procedures, it was changed. Since 2018, the uses identified also in the laboratory, but much sharper ausgestaltetet the WLTP cycle will be complemented with a slight temporal separation, by a driven measuring cycle is called RDE.