Bufdis: The number of volunteers is stagnating


    The Federal voluntary service, the number of “Bufdis remains” above the 40,000 mark In the past year: 41.190 people were, on average, such a voluntary service. The average of the past twelve months, which is almost on the same level as in the previous years. This is evident from the recent statistics, provided by the Cologne-based Federal Agency for family and civilian-social tasks on his Website.

    The Federal volunteer service in 2011 as a replacement for the parallel to compulsory military service, absence of civil service have been introduced. The service in the social, cultural, or educational institutions usually lasts one year and is compensated with a “pocket money” of a maximum of 390 euros per month.

    The majority of the “Bufdis” is female: The well of 23,000 women a little more than 18,000 men faced off in December 2018. Most of the volunteers were in the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia: in the past year, an average of 8815; behind, ranked of Baden-Württemberg (5657), lower Saxony (4342) and Bavaria (3608). In the small Saarland, however, only 294 Volunteers were counted in the city-state of Bremen, 413.

    Currently, approximately 60,000 are set with approximately 225,000 places in the Federal volunteer service is recognised. Bufdis work, especially in the social, ecological and cultural area. The service usually takes between twelve and 18 months.

    The most Bufdis are younger than 27 years old

    In contrast to the previous civil service of the Federal voluntary service to people of all ages. Nevertheless, the lion’s share of the “Bufdis is” rather young. In the past year, nearly 30,000 Volunteers were younger than 27 years. Older than 65 were in December nationwide, however, only 440 “Bufdis”.

    the Federal government is Currently working to make such voluntary service more attractive. According to a draft law to the Cabinet at the end of last year, has decided to be of service in the future, even part-time.

    The Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey has proposed in December to promote all the youth voluntary services in the future, with money from the Federal government. To relate in addition to the Federal voluntary service, in the opinion Giffeys also the Voluntary Social year (FSJ) and Voluntary Ecological year (FÖJ).

    As a promotion Giffey, presents a grant for the ticket for the public transport. In addition, you want to guarantee Bufdis, FSJlern and FÖJlern a nationally standardized voluntary money from 402 euros and the social insurance contributions.