Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has criticised Bayern-Profi Franck Ribéry for his statements after the gold steak incident. “Ultimately, each person must know what he eats,” said the 59-Year-old in an Interview with the newspaper “Bild”and added: “The choice of words, here, you can, of course, like anyone. Since there are no two opinions. I would like to say but also. This is the matter of FC Bayern.“ The professional of the German football record champion had last offended in the social networks, the Fans and the media who had criticized him in turn for a Video, in which he was to see with a gold-trimmed Steak. FC Bayern had occupied the French with a penalty.

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watzke calls on the professional associations, meanwhile, to improve the promotion of German football-talents. “I think it is the biggest sporting challenge of our whole youth concept to the test,” said Watzke in the “image”Interview. The football was lost “in the German talent promotion a little bit from the good path. I currently have the feeling that we are positioned really well,“ said Watzke. “Especially in the case of the 16 – to 20-Year-old, I have the impression that we have become a bit weaker.” This meant that the clubs are attracting younger and younger players from abroad. Watzke called the BVB example, Jadon Sancho. The winger arrived in the summer of 2017 with 17 of Manchester City and Dortmund. In the first half of the season 2018/19, he scored six goals and laying on eight more.

Watzke autumn champion Dortmund will not see, despite the comfortable Six-point lead as the first candidate for the title. “Favorite of the FC Bayern. Because I let myself be talked into believing anything else,“ said this week in Marbella, the German press Agency. Although the BVB in several surveys to the course of the title race to the front, he sees the Munich-based advantage: “Who is moving economically in such orders of magnitude, you have to live with it, to always have the favorites role.”

After a long dominance of Bayern with the last six titles in the series Watzke confident, however, that it is at the top of the 18. January, the beginning of not more recipients of the second round so boring. “For us, it is much more important that we have shown football, Germany, that one must count again with us. That we have given back to the League,“ commented Watzke. “In the past few years was, in principle, Christmas is already clear, who is the German champion. This has caused a degree of paralysis in appearance.“

The surprisingly positive development of the team, which lost in the first half of the season just a game and the table is leading with 42 points, ahead of FC Bayern (36) and Borussia Mönchengladbach (33), is “a blessing and a curse at the same time”. “Because we have to go through this evolution much quicker than we imagined,” said Watzke. “The result is that the expectation is very large. And to that we must now see that we have this expectation in this structure, which is still young and fragile, can also meet. Since we are a bit Driven by our rapid success.“

the problems as in the previous season, as it lacked the BVB Team after a strong start to the season often mentality, don’t expect the BVB boss however: “This is not happening currently. We will not break totally. Whether we get but, again 42 points in the first half of the season, we’ll have to see.“ The recent announcements from Munich to Borussia Dortmund to hunt, prepare Watzke by his own admission not a headache: “What to do? To say that you don’t want to be master? It is completely normal that they want to build pressure on us.“ However, the BVB CEO expects to see in the back round with a “very strong Bayern. Whether it is enough then to old strength, I don’t know.“