The sun is shining in the sky and the temperatures are rising, summer is now well established. The month of July has begun and while some are already thinking of going on vacation, others still have many concerns.

Your garden, too, may worry you because your vegetable garden, your trees and your flowers will require a lot of maintenance during these few weeks. Indeed, between the plants that are at the end of the season, at the beginning or in the middle, there are many things that must be done during this month to maintain all this little plant world.

The vegetable garden is a real festival in July and many vegetables are to be taken into account. First, there are the ones that need buttering: potatoes and beans. To do this, simply form a small mound of soil along the stems.

Then some plants must be pruned. This is the case for cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes. As Binette et Jardin explain, the feet of the latter have particularly grown and it is therefore also necessary to remember to check that the stakes installed previously are still suitable.

The month of July corresponds to the season for sowing seeds of carrots, radishes, cabbage lettuce and turnips. Among these vegetables, some such as carrots, radishes and lettuce can already be harvested. This is also the case for peas and garlic.

Summer is synonymous with hot weather. This is why it is important to water your vegetable garden properly. Do it rather in the evening so that the water does not evaporate and be careful not to pour it on the leaves, it could cause disease.

It’s time for tree pruning. For those who haven’t had time to deal with it yet, it’s not too late. Pear and apple trees should be thinned out and excess fruit removed.

The raspberry bush may also require special attention during this period of high heat. Indeed, it must be mulched well and watered regularly because it is a shrub that has difficulty coping with high temperatures.

On the flower side, the situation is the same and it will be important to water them often, even if this is not done every day, recalls Binette et Jardin.

When going on vacation, it is best not to leave your garden abandoned as this could cause the loss of many crops. There are several tips that can be implemented before leaving to be able to save your plants.

Thus, as Gamm vert explains, you have to think about mulching all the crops so that they are suitably protected from the heat. Watering is also to be expected. For this, there are two options: call on a friend or a person who can take care of it regularly or install an automatic watering system.

Finally, the lawn is not to be left out either. Indeed, a last mowing before leaving on vacation is important. Be careful, however, not to cut too short so that the grass can withstand the heat.