Ypres –

Close to the carrier Sitra in the Pilkemseweg in Ypres, Friday morning, fifteen of the refugees into a truck to be found. The truck was filled with sugar. The police and the fire brigade arrived at the scene.

finally, After the fifteen of the refugees out of the truck and retrieved were searched, and the fire in the truck full of sugar. She wanted to be sure that there will be no more people in the vehicle.

as it turned out, there is no one in the kitchen to hide.

“There are some 15 illegal immigrants found in a container”, says the company. “Now on to the Brexit to happen, they will be massively harassed by human traffickers in order to get the big car, with all the risks that entails. Here, it is clear that the assistance received from organised gangs who are aggressive huge increase. The country was in trouble and began to make noise. It was firmly adhered and the competent authorities have taken the necessary action.”