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resim 58

Often synonymous with vacation and travel, airports are unique places. We go there with a smile because we generally know that the reward at the end of the flight is worth it. However, these places can also inspire boredom, fatigue and discomfort. Indeed, when one undertakes a long journey it is not impossible to end up with a stopover in a distant country which can sometimes last three, five, ten or even more than twenty hours.

To all this is potentially added fatigue due to lack of sleep, travel but also jet lag which can upset our entire biological clock.

Thus, airports can sometimes take on the appearance of a bad dream as you can’t wait to leave them. Nevertheless, some airports can also be surprising and turn out to be wonderful places.

The company Civitatis has listed the ten most beautiful airports in the world, relayed by Geo, in which it is good to travel.

In addition to their beauty, some airports have decided to take measures to counter the endless wait in which some travelers are immersed. This is why, as Le Figaro reports, many original and free activities are now offered in many of these places around the world.