Sports-comment: tell me what you think!


    “What athlete manifests itself today politically?” The has asked Stefan Kretzschmar, in the opinion joyful former football star. It was a rhetorical question, whose answer suggests good old times: Yes, at that time, there was real guys in sports, who told what they thought. So, for example: “Argentina is a country where order prevails. I have not seen a single political prisoner.“ The Berti Vogts said after the world Cup in 1978, in the Land of the brutal military junta. His team-mate in the national team, Manfred Kaltz, was quoted as saying, “no, charge does me, that there will be tortured.” That hurt. “Si tacuisses …”, say the Latins. “If You had but been silent.”

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    top sportsmen and women still have less opportunities than your competition arenas in addition to watch. You are pushed into a Tunnel, and pulled. Coaches, clubs, federations, sponsors, media, call for full concentration on the job. Failures are often attributed to insufficient work setting or with the note on the tireless competition answer: The top sports inevitably results in Isolation, when no more time remains, the everyday life, to look, to listen and to read what is happening and why. And one of these young people, we require wise Statements and an attitude to the world situation?

    Kretzschmar’s not wrong when he claims that top athletes ventured increasingly rare, their view of things. This impression has been reinforced by the increasing control of anger. Employers, associations such as associations are increasingly trying to smooth out Interviews before the release, you withdraw your professionals more and more the questions of the media or refusal to promote retention, to avoid problems.

    Mesut Özil was allowed to remain in the obligatory press rounds of the DFB in the past year and had to answer to any questions on the freedom of press in Turkey. His team-mates in the glorious world Cup selection in 2014 were silent with very few exceptions, after the noisy departure of the deserved player. Because you, as Kretzschmar rightly, with unspeakable attacks on social media, with reprisals by employers or advertising partners. As if to prove his Thesis, Kretzschmar has been even recognized by the AfD maliciously. As if he had contested the validity of the freedom of expression in this country.