Fresh air against Corona Into the open first, the retreat took place in your own home, now is the time to conquer the public space again. Between Inside and Outside, new Transitions arise just. So it should go further. Opinion Johann Schloemann1 Kommentar1Mehr tables outside, strolling, shopping, public space is re-populated. Photo: Urs Jaudas

which is better: inside or outside? After months of coping with the pandemic, the relationship between the two spheres is negotiated just new. In the Phase of the harsher Lockdown the world was out there as a threat. Everything went “home”. The public space was, as far as it went, emptied, it was even summoned to be the end. The depopulation of previously bustling places became the symbol of the global crisis.

But the more prudent encounters, there are now between people of different households – and the more one knows about the invisible routes of Transmission of the Virus, the more the time is reversed: Now, the risk lurks Inside. According to a Japanese study, the risk of Infection should be 19 times higher. The protection spaces are spaces of Fear.

Now the world follows the Merkspruch of this year’s Hölderlin-year: “Come on! into the Open, friend!” – thus, both the fresh air is meant, as well as the uncertain future. A neighbor is looking for a physical outlet with more and longer Bicycle tours. A Kindergarten relocated to the craft hour in the garden. A saxophone teacher teaches in your balcony. A Restaurant creates an extended outdoor area with tables on the street, where Parking spaces were; that looks wonderful Mediterranean.

harsh reality

A light-hearted stroll the aisle of the apartment does not offer many, of course, more of a around. We approach the urban life, how long Tethered from Plato’s “allegory of the Cave”, where the reality appears to be outside of the prison still too bright and dazzling. Some dormant needs have to be aroused to new. Nevertheless, you can feel again, in the Free also on distance from urban life is possible, Yes, the Distance between the passers-by has always been the requirement for a collision-free modern city. So we discover again what we have at the squares, streets and Parks that are not only useful, but also beautiful and generously laid out.

the interior, Too, is changing: It is more permeable. The more it pulls in the cafe, office or meeting locally, the better, and prefer to be a grandpa can get a stiff neck as the lung disease. The old dispute between fans and non-fans is decided. Windows and doors must be open in order for aerosols to dissipate. Mix Indoor and Outdoor acoustically, there are new Transitions, and Openings in the city space.

If it temporarily louder would be in the cities, this would be a non-issue.

This way, we must ride now, braver dam, so that the disease is contained and the public space can be conquered. Regulatory restrictions and the usual rules have since embarrassed is entitled to, and you could still be creative: Why not all kinds of meetings, fairs, concerts in the open air? Why not open pavilions and party set up tents? If it would temporarily louder in the cities, this would be a non-issue. And when it gets colder again, we us thick, warm our home, and hope to get the Virus over the Winter, perhaps still in the handle.

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