The legend of Thérèse B., who runs the “worst parcel relay in Lyon”


There are legends that do not dry up. In Lyon, that of Thérèse B. is known to many people. This elderly lady runs a press shop, also a parcel relay in the city’s 7th arrondissement.

However, this little shop has caused a lot of ink to flow, especially on Google reviews where it is said to be the worst parcel relay in town. With 279 reviews and an average rating of 1.9 stars, many guests advise against frequenting this establishment. They accuse the manager of not taking care of their package, but also of insulting them.

“If it was possible to give zero stars I would. The lady refused to give me my package and insulted me by asking me to ‘shut up’ while I remained polite to her. My husband had to come back to insist and finally get the package back. It’s a scandal.”, can we read on a notice.

“I was verbally attacked by the lady who takes over. I went into the store […], I said hello and explained that I had just dropped off a parcel. The granny did not answer me, she took my parcel and throws it on the ground then yells at me telling me to back off. I decide to take my package back and leave and she yells at me again ‘Take your box and leave, get out of there'”, says another Internet user.

However, other customers of this lady hold a very different speech and, if they recognize her lack of courtesy, do not accept such comments.

“The lady is no longer very young, can no longer see anything, she has to put on a light to read the writing on the parcels, identity card, she barely stands up straight. So yes that doesn’t excuse insults, but she has her rights to ask people to back off (or even shout) it’s called respect and common sense, she’s an elderly person and we’re still in Covid times. I speak of indulgence because we do not know her life, and this lady, instead of being retired, she still gets up every morning and stays in her shop all day to serve customers. Internet user.