The international animal protection organization “World Animal Protection” examined 26 Parks, Zoos, Safari equipment, aquariums and Marine Parks on the Indonesian Islands of Bali and Lombok. The animal rights activists have noted that no single institution can meet the basic needs of wild animals. About 1500 wild animals need to be used on the popular holiday Islands as tourist attractions and are kept in appalling conditions and painfully trained.

Cruel living conditions for wild animals – so tourists take Selfies with you

can make Some pools for the dolphins would be, according to the report, only three meters deep, the animals would be removed, the teeth completely and elephants were injured by the dressage and traumatized. Most of the animals to have social contacts were missing, according to the report. The animals lived under the most cruel conditions – all that you entertain tourists or they can even take Selfies with them, the animal protection organisation.

vacationers have the Power: animal rights activists call to Boycott

“World Animal Protection” and therefore calls on holidaymakers to Bali and Lombok, to avoid wild animal attractions. To embrace wild animals, ride on them or to take Selfies with them, was against their nature, cruel and: “Not Like in the social networks, the justified.” Because the animals allow these activities, you must have both physical as well as mental anguish endure the attitude of chains as well as a lack of freedom of movement and brutal dressage methods. Here are the journey-Newsletter

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travel provider to respond and take the animal attractions on your list of programs

The organization was able to convince 200 travel businesses around the world to take animal attractions from your program. In Germany, the tour operator Tui and Asia tours. But also Thomas Cook and want to take the animal trips to and from the program, such as reported.

In the jb wild animals in Bali and Lombok cruelty to animals