Born on August 5, 1940 in Switzerland, Jocelyne Périsset was raised in a family from a wealthy background. In the 1960s, she met Cyril Piguet, a Swiss film producer with whom she would live a romance in Paris for several years.

If the young woman does not seem to aspire to a professional life, she prefers above all to discover the joys of social life. A sumptuous world in which the starlet meets the filmmaker Sergio Gobbi, whose companion she is for five years. Passionate about Africa, this globetrotter began a stay in Kenya in 1977 where she met the American Alec Wildenstein.

A billionaire art dealer with whom she will marry the following year. Jocelyne Wildstein and her husband also start a family: the jet-setter gives birth to a daughter, Diane (in 1979) and a son, Alec Junior (in 1980). Together they moved to New York at the end of the decade. After her husband’s infidelity, the couple experienced a bitter divorce in 1998.

If Jocelyne Wildenstein is also famous in the world of the jet-set, it is above all for her multiple cosmetic surgery operations. A surgical remedy motivated by her husband’s passion for felines. That’s why she goes through the passages on the operating table, and takes more and more the appearance of a cat. Her face, her cheekbones, her lips and her forehead (among others), her entire physical transformation would have cost her millions of dollars.

The one who is nicknamed “the cat-woman” has continued to cover the tabloids, chaining tumultuous love stories and court cases, even claiming to be ruined in 2015. Back in pictures on the sad physical metamorphosis by Jocelyne Wildenstein in the slideshow above.